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If one clause of these terms of use is not applicable or is contrary to a clause of mandatory law, this non-applicability will not affect the validity or applicability of the other clauses.

Access to and use of the website

ChoirRepertoire makes every effort to ensure, as far as possible, access to the website, without any guarantee whatsoever. However, this access can be interrupted for any reason and without prior notice or motivation by ChoirRepertoire.

The user is responsible for the proper functioning of his/her IT system and his/her Internet access. The user explicitly undertakes not to disturb the optimal functioning and security of the website, for example by using viruses and/or other harmful files or data and/or by accessing files or data to which he/she has no access.
ChoirRepertoire always reserves the right to completely or partially deny a user access to the website unilaterally and without prior notification or motivation. The user cannot hold ChoirRepertoire responsible for this.
The user is forbidden to supplement, change, delete, replace and/or improve the information that ChoirRepertoire makes available on the website, in whole or in part.

Guarantees and liability

The website is intended to provide general information about choral repertoire. It is not adapted to personal or specific circumstances and therefore cannot be considered as personal, professional, legal advice or equivalent to the user.
Although ChoirRepertoire endeavours to provide information that it believes is current and correct, ChoirRepertoire does not guarantee that all information is adequate, correct and complete, nor that the website is comprehensive.
Under no circumstances can ChoirRepertoire be held liable for direct or indirect damage that could result from:

  • consulting and/or using the information offered on the website or websites to which this website refers or
  • the absence of specific information.
  • Nor does ChoirRepertoire guarantee that the website or the server making the website available is free from computer viruses.

ChoirRepertoire always has the right to change, improve, delete and/or change the content of the website without prior notice.
ChoirRepertoire may provide links to other websites on its website. However, ChoirRepertoire is never responsible for, and cannot be held to investigate, evaluate, or provide any guarantees regarding the content of these websites. ChoirRepertoire can therefore in no way be held responsible for direct or indirect damage that would be caused by consulting and/or using the information offered on the above-mentioned websites.
If ChoirRepertoire is charged or if costs are imposed on ChoirRepertoire as a result of misuse of this website or a breach of these terms of use by the user, the user undertakes to indemnify ChoirRepertoire for all costs, claims, loss and damage (including legal costs).

Intellectual property rights

The user has the right to consult the information on the website (including the editorial material, the informative texts, photos, illustrations, drawings and other graphic material, names, logos, trademarks and other brands) and download and reproduce only for personal use, provided he/she mentions the source, in accordance with the provisions of the law on copyright and related rights of 30 June 1994.
However, this permission does not apply to texts explicitly mentioning a restriction of use. Reproduction or use of multimedia information (sound, images, software, etc.) always requires prior written permission from ChoirRepertoire.
Under no circumstances may the user use the content of the website for commercial purposes, nor distribute it or communicate it to third parties, for-profit purposes or otherwise, without the prior explicit written permission of ChoirRepertoire.
ChoirRepertoire reserves all current and future intellectual property rights on the website itself and on the information made available.


All messages, information, data, material, etc. that the user provides to the administrator of the ChoirRepertoire website, unsolicited and of his own agreement, including the data or reactions regarding the content of this website, are considered non-confidential. ChoirRepertoire disclaims any obligation regarding the action to be taken on the above communications and general responses and data. ChoirRepertoire has the right to use all of the above messages, responses and data in its discretion, taking into account the restrictions provided by the Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data.
The user agrees that ChoirRepertoire can use the ideas, concepts, knowledge and techniques contained in the information, data, material, etc. that he/she has communicated to ChoirRepertoire for any purpose.


The ChoirRepertoire website uses cookies to facilitate navigation through the website. Cookies are small text files that remember your preferences while surfing and store them on your own computer or device.
On the one hand, cookies are functional. These cookies remember certain choices and settings that you have chosen for the first time in order to navigate more efficiently, faster and easier on subsequent visits. These cookies remember login names, preferences, etc.
On the other hand, cookies are also used to remember surfing behaviour. This can, for example, measure the popularity of web pages.
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Failure to accept or delete or disable cookies may result in certain features of the ChoirRepertoire website becoming inaccessible or malfunctioning. As a result, the experience of the site may be disappointing.
ChoirRepertoire reserves the right to change this cookie statement at any time. You can always find the most recent version of the cookie statement on this page.

Privacy statement

ChoirRepertoire, a trademark of Phasianus bv, with its registered office at Fazantenweg 2, 2560 Kessel, undertakes to respect the provisions of the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data when collecting and processing your personal data. ChoirRepertoire collects and processes personal data exclusively for the purpose of providing information related to its activities. The information you receive may relate, among other things, to the content that ChoirRepertoire produces and manages, whether or not in collaboration with third parties.

The data that ChoirRepertoire collects and processes about you may consist of:

  • Your name and first name;
  • Your contact details (address, telephone, e-mail);
  • Information about your professional activities (your profession, sector);
  • Information about your participation in previous activities within ChoirRepertoire (nature of the activity, subject, …);

ChoirRepertoire guarantees that the processing of personal data is limited to the above-mentioned purpose and personal data. ChoirRepertoire will not disclose your personal data to third parties unless this is necessary for the organisation of its above-mentioned activities in collaboration with third parties. ChoirRepertoire will take the best possible security measures to prevent third parties from illegally accessing or misusing your personal data.
ChoirRepertoire explicitly respects your right to:

  • oppose the further processing of your personal data;
  • access your personal data;
  • have incorrect or outdated personal data corrected or updated;

You can exercise these rights free of charge. For this you can contact the person responsible for the processing of your personal data: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
ChoirRepertoire reserves the right to amend the aforementioned privacy policy at any time, provided you inform us in advance. You retain your right to object, access and correct at any time.
If you would like more information about the regulations regarding the processing of personal data, please contact the Commission for the Protection of Privacy.

Applicable law and competent court

All disputes related to or arising from the use of the website as well as from the application and interpretation of these terms and conditions of use are governed by Belgian law, whereby the courts of the judicial district of Mechelen have exclusive jurisdiction.

Contact details

For any questions about the content and/or use of the website, the user can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Emails from ChoirRepertoire employees may contain confidential information and are therefore intended only for the addressee(s). If you have received an e-mail from one of our employees by mistake, please contact the sender and delete this e-mail, including any attachments, from all computers.

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